Greendolphins Glass create glass-ware to our own designs, or to client's specifications.

We create one off pieces of artwork, limited runs of bowls or plates, or larger runs of smaller items such as tiles, sun-catchers, Xmas decorations or coasters.

In addition to coloured glass, designs can also incorporate wire, sheet metal, ceramic paint or photographic images (using ceramic transfers).

The size of the kiln also allows for larger one-off pieces, for example splashbacks for kitchen or bathroom.

Kiln-formed Glass

Kiln-formed, or “Fused” glass is the combining of glass, heat, gravity and time within the confines of a kiln.

Get the combination right and the result can be a beautifully curved bowl or a stylish piece of art. Get the combination wrong and the result can be a pile of molten glass or a spread of shattered glass on the floor of the kiln.

But even the ‘mistakes’ can probably be re-used to make something else.

The trick is getting it right: but the beauty of kiln-formed glass is that there is always another technique to explore.

Greendolphins Glass uses glass from a variety of sources:

Art glass from Bullseye Ltd : the coloured glass we use comes from the USA.  In a variety of colours, it also comes in a variety of formats:  sheets of glass, crushed glass (called frit), powdered glass.

Float glass (the stuff that windows are made of): our chief source of this is recycled glazing units.

Bottles:  wine, beer, spirits.

The three different types of glass can’t be fused together, but they have their uses when producing our product range.

Kiln-formed glass


Greendolphins Glass can sand-blast decorative designs onto glass and stone.

Sand-blasted glass

Custom Lanterns

Don’t be stuck with clear glass in your candle lantern.  If the glass can be removed, and most lanterns allow it, then the glass can be customised.

At Greendolphins Glass we can customise a lantern to your personal tastes.

The glass can be replaced with custom-made, fused glass, panels.

Using specialised glass paints, your child’s ‘fridge paintings’ can be copied onto the glass, providing a permanent memory of their artwork

Ceramic transfers can be used to transfer photographs to the glass.   Black and white photographs work best, but full colour is available.  Minimum resolution for images is 300dpi.


Custom Tiles/Splash-backs

Thinking about tiling the kitchen or bathroom and looking for an alternative to the tile store ranges?

At Greendolphins Glass we may be able to create what you are looking for.

Custom made glass tiles enable you to add a personalised touch to your kitchen or bathroom.

Glass tiles can be made from coloured glass, or photographic images can be added to white or coloured glass tiles.

Large format glass tiles may also be used for splash-backs.

Tiling and Splashbacks

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