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Pattern Bar Slices

Back in January 2016, when I was making Puddle Blocks, I also fired some Pattern Bars.

However, lack of a suitably deep glass saw meant that the Pattern Bars have been sitting around doing nothing other than look pretty.

This week, I’ve finally got around to introducing the Pattern Bars to the glass saw which arrived last October, and the specialised blade which arrived last month.

Blue pattern bar
Stripy pattern bar

Each slice is 4mm thick.

So with my design head on, Continue reading “Pattern Bar Slices”

Housewarming present

When my sister and her husband moved into their new house at the end of 2015, I promised to make them a numberplate.

They finally got it as a christmas present in 2016.

The finished piece

The glass is roughly A4 size, and made from 4 sheets of float glass, stacked and fused together.  The number was cut from aluminium sheet and sandwiched between the glass sheets.

Close up of sandblasted lettering

The street name was created by deeply sandblasting the glass.  The surface of the lettering is actually smooth: the apparent speckling on the surface of each letter is actually the back side of the glass which had been sandblasted.

The mounting bracket

And mounting brackets made from steel bar.


Preserving fridge pictures

If you’ve ever wanted to preserve some of your child’s artwork, after they’ve spent time on the fridge, it may be possible to replicate the picture on glass.

My sister sent me these two drawings from my nephew:

Tayt's pictures
Tayt’s pictures

Thankfully the colour palette matched the glass paint that I have and I was able to replicate the pictures.

Mr PumpkinHead
Mr PumpkinHead
Mr T
Mr T

The glass was then sandblasted on the back, before inserting into an Ikea lantern.


Before Christmas I was presented with the challenge of making glass dominoes.  The challenge being that they had to be made from clear, not coloured, glass.

It gave me an opportunity to experiment with the new sandblasting system.