Kiln-formed, or “Fused” glass is the combining of glass, heat, gravity and time within the confines of a kiln.

Get the combination right and the result can be a beautifully curved bowl or a stylish piece of art.



Get the combination wrong and the result can be a pile of molten glass or a spread of shattered glass on the floor of the kiln.

But even the ‘mistakes’ can probably be re-used to make something else.

The trick is getting it right: but the draw of kiln-formed glass is that there is always another technique to explore.

Greendolphins Glass uses glass from a variety of sources:

Art glass from Bullseye Ltd : the coloured glass we use comes from the USA.  In a variety of colours, it also comes in a variety of formats:  sheets of glass, crushed glass (called frit), powdered glass.

Float glass (the stuff that windows are made of): our chief source of this is recycled glazing units.

Bottles:  wine, beer, spirits.

The three different types of glass can’t be fused together, but they have their uses when producing our product range.