Pocket Vases (or radiator humidifiers?)

I do get a buzz from opening the kiln in the morning, after it’s cooled down from the previous afternoon/evening’s firing.  Especially when trying something new.

Pleased to say that the pocket vases have formed beautifully.  It was a bit of a faff getting the fibre paper out, but once that was done, the results are pretty impressive.

Heart pocket vase fired
Finished Heart Pocket Vase
Butterfly pocket vase fired
Finished Butterfly Pocket Vase
Pink pocket vase fired
Finished Pink Pocket Vase
Flower pot pocket vase fired
Finished Flower Pot Pocket Vase
Heart pocket vase back
Heart vase showing pocket aperture

And apparently they’re not just for displaying flowers.  My logical (as opposed to biological) sister in Germany said they’d be ideal for using as radiator humidifiers.  Much more stylish then balancing a bowl of water on the radiator.