Pocket vases

I came across pocket vases in a book of fused glass ideas.

In simple terms it’s a vase with a flat back which can be hung on a wall or in a window and can hold one or several flowers.

To make them, fibre paper is sandwiched between two sheets of glass in such a way to allow the upper sheet of glass to slump down and fuse onto the lower layer of glass.  The fibre paper is then removed, leaving the ‘pocket’.

Here’s my four designs.

Pink pocket vaseOn this one, I’ve used glass powder and a stencil to create the dragonfly and butterfly. I’ve cut an extra piece from the side of the same coloured glass sheet as a top border.


Flower pot pocket vaseOn this one, a flowerpot motif, and an attempt at using frit (crushed glass) with glue.




Butterfly pocket vaseThis one again uses powder and stencils.




Heart pocket vaseAnd on this one, I’ve cut a heart shape from fibre paper and sprinkled red frit on top before placing the top sheet of glass.




Let’s see what tomorrow brings.